Certification to Export Metals

Name of the Service

Certification to Export Metals

  Ministry and Directorate

Public Authority for Mining\ General Directorate of Minerals

  Service details

  • Importers & Exporters.
  • Invoice.
  • Applications for metal export certificates and exit controls may be made at the General Directorate of Metals in Muscat, Sohar, Al-Barimi and Abri.
  • The application shall be registered at the General Directorate of Metals.
  • Metal export certificate is valid for one month.
  • The Ministry shall study the extension of validity period.
  • One export Certificate per metal.
  • Each export certificate is related to one exporter and one consignee.
  • Holders of a metal export certificate may be mine / quarry operators or traders.
  • The exporter can get export certificates of multiple metals.
  • Approval of a metal export certificate allows the exporter to obtain an authorized exit.
  • Exit permit is currently requested in case of land transport.
  • Exit permit is authorized for one truckload of metal regardless of the amount of goods transported in the truck.
  • Exit permits can only be processed in Al-Wajaj, al-Buraimi and al-Rawda.
  • No exit permission is required in case of air and sea export.
  • The Ministry is considering adding exit permits for both air and sea export.
  • Approval of the permits shall be within two hours of the application, during the official working hours and for seven days a week (All days).
  • Release of Shipment round the clock, non-stop 24 hours; i.e. the release of the shipment submitted shall be within two hours of submitting the goods for the inspection of the relevant authority.
  • None.