European community catch certificate

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European community catch certificate

  Ministry and Directorate

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Wealth & Water Resources / Fish Resources Department

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  • Importers & Exporters.

Approval is free for now.

Approval of the request is within 1-3 days maximum.

The exporter according to the certificate shall have a quality control number issued by the Fish Quality Control Center of the Directorate General of Fisheries Research.

The General Directorate for Fish Resources Development at the Ministry's General Directorate and the General Directorate of Fisheries in Dhofar Governorate are the authorities responsible for auditing, inspecting and issuing these certificates in the Sultanate of Oman.

Issuance of certificates outside working hours on official holidays shall be at Muscat Airport.

The Original EU Certificate of Catch shall be attached to the exported shipment to the European Commission (EU countries).

The EU Fisheries Certificate contains details of the vessel used for fishing. If fishing is done by a small fishing boat (or more than one boat), a list of boat users shall be attached to the boat license.

The list of boats attached shall include the name of the licensee, the license validity period, the license number, in addition to the quantities and species caught. The list shall be attached to the application together with copies of such licenses.

The list shall be attached to the application together with copies of such licenses. The list shall be approved by the competent authorities and shall be returned to the exporter.

The exporter is obliged not to load seasonal fish (Sharkha, Shrimp, Safailh, King fish) as well as the organized fish according to the resolutions of Fish Exports Regulation. Exporting these species mentioned in the resolutions requires attaching certificates of fish marketing in the local markets.

Fish exporters are subject to random inspection which is determined when approval is granted.

  • Boat list, if any.

Approval of the permits shall be within two hours of the application, during the official working hours and for seven days a week (All days).

Release of Shipment round the clock, non-stop 24 hours; i.e. the release of the shipment submitted shall be within two hours of submitting the goods for the inspection of the relevant authority.