Permit to Import Ammonium Nitrate

Name of the Service

Permit to Import Ammonium Nitrate

  Ministry and Directorate

Oman Royal Police / Special Task Force

  Service details

  • Importers & Exporters.
  • License for the transport of hazardous goods for usage in Oman, from the General Directorate of Traffic.
  • Order and invoice. Environmental permit.
  • Approved shipping details.
  • Details of the container and lead.
  • Company registration and presentation of activities.
  • The permit must be applied for before the shipment leaves the country of export.
  • The Royal Oman Police shall be informed of the containers numbers and seals before arrival of the goods.
  • Discharge will be rejected if:.
  •       a. Container seals and numbers do not match the numbers attached in the permit.
  •       B. Container are damaged or not sealed.
  • Royal Oman Police shall provide security escorts from the place of importation to the storage area.
  • Vehicles used for the transport of Ammonium Nitrate shall be approved for the same purpose by the General Directorate of Traffic.
  • Check the amount and the type of goods in the storage area. Permits must be valid for up to 90 days.
  • Approval of the permits shall be within two hours of the application, during the official working hours and for seven days a week (All days).
  • Release of Shipment round the clock, non-stop 24 hours; i.e. the release of the shipment submitted shall be within two hours of submitting the goods for the inspection of the relevant authority.