Refunding of Re-Export Amounts

Name of the Service

Refunding of Re-Export Amounts


The company applies a refunding request of a due amount as per the applicable rules.

  Service details

  • Corporates.
  • Establishments.
  • Individuals
  • Period between the date of delivery notice and re-exporting shall be one year, and period between the date of re-exporting and submission of request shall be six months.
  • Special relationships and numbers.
  • Goods shall not be second-hand.
  • Customs Declaration (imports) .
  • Re-Exporting Declaration .
  • Delivery Invoices and other lists .
  • Re-Exporting Invoices, along with Customs Officer Notes and conforming numbers and customs seal .
  • Entry of goods to a free zone or Exit from GCC countries.
  • Ensure that the period of customs declaration does not exceed one year since Application date and Six Months since Re-Application date.
  • Authorized Customs Offices shall insert the transaction within Bayan system.
  • Attach all required documents for the purposes of refunding the due amount.
  • Ensure and follow-up the transaction made by the Directorate General of Customs.
  • Ensure the details submitted in the system are in conformity with the documents submitted to the Directorate General of Customs.