Request Export Permit for One Use

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Request Export Permit for One Use


Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Wealth & Water Resources / Fish Resources

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  • Importers & Exporters.
  • The permit is valid for one month from the date of issue.
  • The permit shall be used only once and the quantity authorized for export shall not be divided.
  • The original shall be handed over to the customs authorities and a copy to the veterinary quarantine authorities at the export port.
  • Approval Granting fees for the Ministry is (OMR 2) + 200 Baizas contribution to the Agricultural Development Fund.
  • The exporter is committed not to load the seasonal fish (Sharkha, Shrimp, Safailh, King fish) as well as the organized fish according to the resolutions of Fish Exports Regulation. Exporting these species mentioned in the resolutions requires attaching certificates of fish marketing in the local markets.
  • Exporting establishments and companies shall have Fish import, export or marketing activity registered in the Ministry of Commerce - not a requirement.
  • Approval of the permits shall be within two hours of the application, during the official working hours and for seven days a week (All days).
  • Release of Shipment round the clock, non-stop 24 hours; i.e. the release of the shipment submitted shall be within two hours of submitting the goods for the inspection of the relevant authority.
  • OMR 2