Request for Division

Name of the Service

Request for Division


The Service enables importer to partially import items, upon submitting the required documents for the first time, as per the agreed quantities, types and weights. Customs duties are paid in the first declaration and details shall be filled, noting that such goods are exempted from service fees.

  Service details

  • Companies, Establishments, and Customs Clearance Offices.
  • Quantities are huge.
  • Period is 3 months.
  • Commercial Invoices.
  • Bill of Lading and Manufacturer’s Certificate.

Division request may be established in two methods:

  • Submitting the request by one of the users:
  1. General User.
  2. Customs Broker.
  • Customs Broker establishes and submits Customs Declaration that includes division request.
  • one to twenty-four hours
  • No fees designated for the service, except for declaration fees