Request for Industrial Exemption

Name of the Service

Request for Industrial Exemption


Decisions made to the companies/ establishments holding industrial license, to be exempted from duties and customs fees imposed on their machines, equipment, spare parts, raw materials, initial materials, wrapping and packing materials, required for production line, for the purposes of encouraging commerce, industry and investment.

  Service details

  • Companies/ Establishment that own industrial license and production plan.
  • Company/ Establishment submitting industrial exemption application, should hold industrial license.
  • Commercial Registration Documents.
  • Industrial License Documents.
  • Request Letter indicating exemption type (machines, equipment, or raw materials).
  • Provide symbols, name tags and quantities for the materials, machines, and equipment, for a specific period of time.
  • Signature Specimen.
  • Submit an Application via Bayan System to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in order to study application.
  • Transfer Application to the Ministry of Finance, and complete procedures.
  • Transfer Application to the common committee to study the Exemption Application.
  • Upon meeting of the three parties (Directorate General for Customs – Ministry of Finance – Ministry of Commerce and Industry).
  • Decide whether the Company is entitled to exemption or not.