Request for Temporary Import Extension

Name of the Service

Request for Temporary Import Extension


Extension of Temporary Import for six months, renewable for similar period. Upon elapse of 3 months, such goods may be re-exported or converted to permanent import.

  Service details

  • Companies.
  • Establishments.
  • Authorities.
  • Any permits issued by certain authority should be attached within the Temporary Import Application.
  • Commencement and Expiration dates of the permits are subject to approval on Temporary Import.
  • Permits Letters may have a specific validity period for utilization.
  • Application Letter for Extension.
  • Copy of contract.
  • Invoice.
  • Permits issued by official authorities, if required.
  • Authorized Specimen Signature.
  • Submit an application via Bayan System, with attaching all required documents.
  • Exemption Department shall ensure validity of all details.
  • Upon review, initial approval is obtained from Exemption Department.
  • One to twenty-four hours.