Customs Broker transfer

Name of the Service

Customs Broker transfer


A process where owners of establishments/companies transfer the Customs Broker from one company to another via Bayan System pursuant to specific steps.

  Service details

  • Owners of establishments/companies – Representative/ Customs Broker who bears a Customs ID.
  • Company/ Establishment submitting industrial exemption application, shall obtain industrial license.
  • To be registered at Social Insurances.
  • License shall be valid and non-occupational.
  • Passed one course in this field.
  • Cancellation of Customs Broker’s ID Letter issued by previous company.
  • Customs Officer/Broker Registration Letter to be issued by current company.
  • Non-Conviction Certification.
  • Bayan System Course Certification.
  • ID Copy.
  • Personal Photograph (6*4) – blue background.
  • Social Insurances Registration.
  • Filling in forms at License Department.
  • Application to practice Customs Broker.
  • Customs Broker Declaration.
  • Owner of the previous company shall unregister the Customs Broker from user administration.
  • Owner of the previous Company shall proceed with transferring the Customs Broker from user administration through a mediator.
  • Application Submission + Pending Approval + Approval + ID Fees Payment.
  • Customs Broker Transfer Fees = OMR 30 (fixed)
  • Company ID Fees = OMR 100
  • Establishment ID Fees = OMR 30