Request Temporary Import

Name of the Service

Request Temporary Import


Temporary Import is the process of importing goods without imposing taxes (customs duties) for six months, renewable for similar period. Upon elapse of 3 months, such goods may be re-exported or converted to permanent import.

  Service details

  • Companies.
  • Establishments.
  • Authorities.
  • Individuals.
  • Any permits issued by certain authority shall be attached within the Temporary Import Application.
  • Commencement and Expiration dates of the permits are subject to approval on Temporary Import.
  • Permits Letters may have a specific validity period for utilization.
  • Application Letter (Temporary Import) submitted to the Director General of Customs, indicating Contract No., works location and duration.
  • Copy of contract.
  • Original copy of the invoice with details of goods.
  • Copy of goods to be imported.
  • Permits issued by official authorities, if required.
  • Copy of Company Registration
  • Signature Specimen.
  • Submit an application via Bayan System, with attaching all required documents.
  • Exemption Department shall ensure validity of all details.
  • Upon review, initial approval is obtained from Exemption Department.
  • Refer the application to Director General Office or Assistant thereof, for final approval.
  • Online review from Bayan System.