Request to Submit a Custom Declaration

Name of the Service

Request to Submit a Custom Declaration


Service to generate and provide customs declarations (whether imports, exports or transit).

  Service details

  • All beneficiaries and users of Bayan System.
  • Generate a customs declaration via Bayan.
  • Attach all required documents pursuant to the type of each declaration.
  • Provide permits in case the imported item requires so.
  • Payment of due taxes, in case the customs declaration includes un-exempted items.
  • Commercial Invoices.
  • Manufacturer’s Country of Origin Certificate.
  • Declaration issued by the exporter country.
  • Sign in Bayan System and generate required customs declaration.
  • Select coordinator code, with right description.
  • Attach all required documents.
  • Submission and payment.
  • One to Twenty-Four hours.
  • 15 Omani Rials for companies.
  • 5 Omani Riyals for indivduals.