Request to Close Custom Guarantee

Name of the Service

Request to Close Custom Guarantee


A Bank Guarantee to be deposited at the Directorate General of Customs, registered in the Company name, in order to release its imports. The Guarantee is closed upon completion of all customs procedures.

  Service details

  • Companies.
  • Establishments.
  • Complete all Customs procedures of this Guarantee.
  • Closure Request Letter.
  • Copy of the Bank Guarantee.
  • Signature Specimen.
  • Commercial Registration.
  • Submit Application via Bayan System, with attaching all documents.
  • Exemption Department shall review the Application upon submission.
  • Upon review, the Application may be approved by Exemption Department.
  • Upon obtaining final approval on closure by the Exemption Department, the Original copy of Guarantee shall be submitted.
  • Manual and electronic verification and audit via Bayan System.