Guides for Customs Procedures

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1 The Guideline of Transfer of Goods Manifest and Bill of Lading for Less Container Load
2 GCC Unified Guide for Customs Procedures at First Points of Entry

Company Management

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1 Ownership Transfer Missing Destroy Items
2 Warehoue Management
3 Company Management
4 .Common Functionalities

Electronic Services User Guide

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1 Customs Currency Declaration
2 Free Declration
3 Transfer Request
4 Express Courier Declration
5 Duty Free Store
6 Declaration

Refund Management

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1 Refund Management

System Administration

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1 User Management
2 Common Functionalities

User guides for excise tax

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1 Loading items for selective items
2 Mechanism for entering items in the data for excise tax
3 The use of the guarantee in situations that are suspended for customs and excise taxes
4 Excise tax

Customs Tariff

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1 Oman's Customs Tariff for 2022

Customs fees

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1 Imposing final anti-dumping duties against imports of the GCC countries, on products of ceramic and porcelain tiles exported from China and India