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Directorate General of Customs launches advance-rulings initiative

On 23 July 2019, Muscat

In line with the Sultanate's celebrations of the Renaissance Day, the Royal Oman Police (ROP), represented by the Directorate General of Customs, has launched the Advance Rulings Initiative, one of the most important pillars of facilitating trade movement in the Sultanate. This initiative provides the business community the advantage of obtaining advance ruling of the goods by customs before proceeding with the import and export process. This initiative allows importers to obtain consistent customs guidance on how to handle their goods during the import and export process. The implementation of the advance-rulings is a continuation of the Government's efforts to achieve the aspirations of the National Logistics Strategy for 2040. This initiative will strengthen the Sultanate's capabilities with the business community in the regional and international circles to become a global trading center and an attractive investment climate by accelerating the process of clearing goods at ports by ensuring that customs and traders agree on import or export requirements, thus enhancing the confidence of the business community and reducing cost and time. This initiative allows traders to apply for advance ruling through via the Directorate General of Customs before the import or export procedures, relating to the origin, classification or valuation of the goods. Which will study the request and issue an advance ruling based on a specific timeframe, after which traders will receive official letter explaining the mechanism of dealing with his goods during the import and export process. These provisions are binding on each customs transaction for a specified period of time provided that the import/export conditions are the same as those stipulated in the application. "Advance-rulings are one of the strategies used by customs to enhance the efficiency of services provided and to develop their capabilities to predict the conduct of customs operations," said Colonel Khalifa bin Ali al-Sayabi, Director-General of Customs, "Building a partnership with customs contributes to the compliance of the business community and securing the supply chain on imports. The application of the advance- rulings comes from the Sultanate's commitment to the World Trade Organization to implement the Trade Facilitation Agreement, which recommends "accelerating the movement of goods and the efficiency of their clearance at the border exist-points." The commercial community will be able to receive the same and more transparent procedures in dealing with goods, which facilitating trade movement and giving it a competitive advantage.

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