The Directorate General of Customs is established to execute the customs procedures and security supervision on imports and exports. It is also concerned with collecting customs fees and duties combating smuggling and preventing the entry of banned goods according to the agreed laws and regulation. In a bid to keep abreast with the latest technology, DG Customs are currently implementing a next generation computerized system ‘Bayan’ which will further facilitate and enhance customs procedures. By the same token, a statistical system of foreign trade has been improved through which annual statistics are published on a CD ROM. This CD consists of information about the quantity and value of the Sultanate importing and exporting goods and their geographical distribution.

Our Vision

Distinction in supporting security and economy.

Our Mission

Providing customs services, according to the best international practices to develop national economy and protect the community.

Strategic Goals

  • Encourage economic development and investment by using international best practices for trade facilitation and customs control.
  • To reduce illegal trade activities and combat fraud and smuggling.
  • To develop our Human Resources capabilities by developing their customs knowledge and professionalism in a supportive work environment.
  • Adoption of automation to facilitate and simplify customs procedures.
  • Collecting customs revenues efficiently and effectively.

About Us