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Launch of the mobile Tablet computer for Customs Inspector

Directorate General of Customs has launched the mobile tablet service for customs officers working at various customs outlets to be used in inspection operations as well as corporate sites.

Customs aims to implement this service to speed up and facilitate the process of releasing goods after inspection operations. The customs inspector can also through this tablet and through a special electronic application to follow up the details and that of  shipments and goods clearly, and thus the rapid release of the goods or taking appropriate action on  restricted or prohibited goods.
It should be noted that the Directorate General of Customs is continuously seeking to provide electronic customs services and commercial facilities to promote the flow of goods and investment in the Sultanate.




International Customs Day 2021

The World of the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization


The World of the Secretary General of the World Customs Organization

International Customs Day 2021

Embargo date: 26 January 2021, CET 09:00


Once again, the Customs community comes together, united in celebrating International Customs Day, which officially falls on 26 January of each year. This special day enables WCO Members, the WCO Secretariat and Customs’ worldwide partners to dedicate themselves to taking forward a particular theme. Thus, throughout 2021, under the slogan “Customs bolstering Recovery, Renewal and Resilience for a sustainable supply chain,” the Customs community will be focusing on emerging from the global pandemic and support people and businesses by strengthening the global supply chain, reinforcing collaboration, harnessing technology and putting “people” at the centre of the transformation process.






Safe passage initiatives



To pay selective tax

To download the user guides, click here



The Royal Oman Police has been awarded the Best Integrated Government Project of the Sultan Qaboos Award for Proficiency in e-Government Services



The Royal Oman Police, represented by the Directorate General of Customs, won the award of the best integrated government project of the Sultan Qaboos Award for proficiency in e-government services and (Bayan) project which is; a mini electronic government consisting of three main systems which are the integrated customs administration which includes all procedures, customs operations.

Electronic Single window through which all permits and licenses can be obtained from government bodies related to customs work, the third system is the risk management system, which is concerned with the analysis and assessment of cargo data through three tracks, physical inspection in red, checking documents in yellow, releasing the goods in green.

Since its launching in July 2015, the Bayan system has contributed to this integrated system, which includes 35 sub-systems facilitating the flow of goods and trade in a fast and smooth manner with different countries of the world, by facilitating the process of obtaining permits from government agencies in a typical period of 24 hours. Previously, the clearing of some of them took months and the release of the goods at one stop for inspection by all the concerned authorities within two hours only and simplify the customs clearance process through an integrated electronic system that encourages the prior clearance, before the arrival of goods to the Sultanate such as making of the customs declaration and payment of customs duties on top of, obtaining the required electronically required permits.



Customs thwarts smuggling operations of drugs

Customs thwarts a number of drug smuggling operations of "Gat", marijuana, and psychotropic substances, besides, raiding sites of selling and storage contraband materials.

The Directorate General of Customs managed to thwart smuggling operation of "Gat" and drug at the port of Sarfeet, during this operation the accused was hiding 35 packages of gat in different parts of the vehicle.

In addition to, a total of 2.6 kg of marijuana and more than 2,400 tablets were seized during personal luggage checks at Muscat International Airport.

Department of Investigation and Risk Assessment at the Directorate General of Customs managed to raid a number of storage and sale sites in Muscat Governorate and seized 1290 bottles of wine, 1788 prohibited cigarettes and 823 kg of prohibited tobacco.







Royal Oman Police (ROP) celebrates the International Customs Day


The International Customs Day was celebrated by Royal Oman Police (ROP), which held this year under the slogan "smart borders for smooth trade, travel and transport." The ceremony was held at the headquarters of the Directorate General of Customs in Muscat under the patronage of Major General Hamad bin Suleiman al-Hatmi, operations assistant Inspector General of Police and Customs and a number of Excellences, representatives of government agencies and the private sector related to customs work.

The ceremony began with a speech by Colonel Khalifa bin Ali al-Syabi, Director General of Customs, explaining that the Royal Oman Police represented in the Director General of Customs continues the process of development and modernization in various aspects of customs work, referring to a number of steps taken by the GDC To simplify customs procedures and facilitate the movement of trade, including the implementation of the decision of the Council of Ministers to establish a single station for inspection in conjunction with the system of " Bayan" and the development of a comprehensive system to measure the actual performance of customs in the areas of ​​trade facilitation, control of ports and develop of a comprehensive cooperation methodology with all relevant authorities to work to simplify customs procedures and provide better services.

The DG of Customs also referred to a number of initiatives launched by the Directorate General of Customs, most notably the initiative of the approved economic operator (AEO) and the investment, outstanding customs duties warehouses and free customs broker project, to enhance partnership with private sector institutions, facilitate the flow of goods. encouraging investment to achieve the best levels of providing services and facilities for the commercial community.

A video clip on the WCO Secretary-General's speech on the occasion of International Customs Day was presented about the organization's slogan for this year: "Smart limits for smooth trade, travel and transport." He pointed to the need to use modern technologies with increasing traffic of goods and passengers and that customs performance is measurable, ensuring the safety and security of the international supply chain. At the end of his speech, the Secretary General called on all customs departments to observe the International Customs Day to review the achievements made and plan for the future with great diligence.

Customs Documentary Film

This was followed by the screening of "Customs Memory" film, a documentary about the development of customs work in the Sultanate since the seventies through a series of interviews with retired customs officers who document the development stages of Omani customs in terms of the abilities and techniques used and the development of customs procedures and legislation, all that in accordance with the changes of the movement of international trade, competition in attracting investments and strengthening the fields of industry and logistics.

Oman customs magazine

Then, the first issue the electronic magazine of (Oman Customs), a magazine dealing with customs work in the Sultanate as well as other related aspects such as trade, economy and security aspects, was launched as the first shield of the country from the risks and threats of various forms. Showing customs as an important economic resource for national income. The first issue of the magazine includes  news and events of the DG of Customs and highlights aspects of development such as the computerization           (automation) of customs procedures and customs processes of the new system (Bayan), an integrated electronic system that provides services and facilities for citizens, the commercial community and general issues related to customs work such as smuggling, customs clearance, automatic transfer of customs duties and a number of reports in the unified customs tariff for GCC countries and customs laws.

A moment of honor

At the end of the occasion, Major General Assistant Inspector General of Police and Customs for Operations honored the distinguished officers at the Directorate General of Customs and a number of customs supporters from various government agencies and the private sector with certificates of good conduct from the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the port of Sohar as the best customs port for 2018.The Department of Investigation and Risk Assessment honored in the performance of the glorious customs,  the Police Task Force as the best military authority and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs as the best two sectors of the public sector associated with the system of " Bayan"  and grant the certificate of  approved economic operator (AEO) for both the Arab for logistics solutions and the Khalili companies.

 The DG of Customs presented a commemorative gift to the Assistant General Inspector of Police and Customs for the operations to sponsor the observance of International Customs Day.

Customs Exhibition

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Major General Assistant Inspector General of Police and Customs of the operations, accompanied by the attendees, toured the customs exhibition, which tells the history of the Omani Customs. The exhibition embodies the role played by the DG of Customs since its beginning and the deeds and achievements it has achieved. In addition to the role of the DG of Customs in supporting the economy and combating smuggling and commercial fraud.

Customs initiatives

His Excellency also toured the exhibition of customs initiatives, which reflects a number of initiatives launched by the DG of Customs in 2018, aims to simplify customs procedures and facilitate the movement of trade exchange, on top of making the Sultanate a safe and attractive destination for investment. Free customs and investment warehouses with suspended customs tax/duty and the implementation of the Terrain International Transport convention (TIR).

The Major General and the attendees also visited the customs center call, which is responsible for responding to the calls of users of the system, and is interested in responding to inquiries regarding procedures. The major general and the attendees are briefed on the role of the operations center at the Directorate General of Customs. It is a center specialized in monitoring all imported and exported cargo routes.



An announcement

An announcement to the commercial community and customs facilities on customs guarantee and certificate of origin.





In view of the current situations all over the world and the challenges facing importers to submit original documents, Royal Oman Police represented by the Directorate General of Customs in cooperation with the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry has decided the following:


1. Documents accompanying the goods will be considered original documents without collecting the guarantee stipulated in Clause (9) of Article (1) of Customs Decision No. 38/2017 and Customs Circular No. 37/2017.


2. Acceptance of product authentication labels (including country of origin) in case the certificate of origin cannot be summited. 


Importers must adhere to Customs procedures related to values, weights and proof of origin to avoid any legal accountability.


Approval of some investment incentives

The Director General of Customs is pleased to announce that in promotion of the logistics sector and Free Zones in particular



At the Directorate General of Customs took place yesterday the signing ceremony of cooperation program with the Oman National Transport Company (Mowasalat) to implement the International Land Transport Agreement (TIR), according to which the transportation company is the guarantor of the organization and issuance of internationally approved TIR cards.

The ceremony activities started with a speech delivered by Colonel Khalifa bin Ali Al-Siyabi, Director General of Customs, during which he clarified the Directorate General of Customs strategy in building effective partnerships with government and private agencies to achieve more integration and fruitful cooperation towards trade facilitation. He pointed out during his speech to the importance of the cooperation program with the company (Mowasalat), in order to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of the TIR Agreement as a national guarantee for the regulation and issuance of transit cards, for trucks and cargo containers between countries of the world in a smooth and easy manner.

This was followed by a visual presentation on the TIR system to define this agreement, to which the Sultanate joined with the issuance of Royal No. 27/8/2018, which is a United Nations agreement and concerned with the transport of goods, indicating that the agreement aims to facilitate and unify customs procedures for transporting goods, explaining that the agreement seeks to ensure the movement of goods from the country of origin to the destination in the least restrictions and customs procedures at the borders of the country through which goods cross.

Finally, Colonel Khalifa bin Ali Al-Siyabi and Al-Fadil / Badr bin Muhammad Al-Nadabi, CEO of Mowasalat, signed the cooperation program between the Directorate General of Customs and Mowasalat company.


Bayan System Outcome in 2019

Successive achievements and continuous development in order to facilitate trade movement and ease procedures.


Thwarted a number of smuggling operations



Customs officials at Muscat International Airport customs dept. thwarted a number of smuggling of large quantities of psychotropic substances as; Tramadol, Clonazepam and Pimazepam, during the inspection of passengers' luggage. The accused, who are of Asian nationalities, hid these prohibitions, intentionally, to smuggle them into the Sultanate. In another operation, customs officials seized an Asian passenger who tried to bring in various foreign currencies, professionally hidden among a group of leather wallets inside carton boxes.



Foiling a number of smuggling cases




Directorate General of customs foiled a number of smuggling cases of cigarettesand tobacco products at borders of Wadi al-Jizi , Khatamat Malaha and Sohar/derivatives





The Directorate General of Customs prevented the smuggling of quantities of cigarettes and prohibited tobacco products at the Wadi al-Jizli outlet. The quantities of more than 10000 forbidden packages and 600 kilograms of chewing tobacco. These materials are, professionally hidden, in a truck loaded with sand. 

 In a another operation at Khatamat Malaha the police managed to thwart a professional smuggling of quantities of cigarettes hidden in the engine of a vehicle in a box specially designed for smuggling purposes. Another case of smuggling thwarted an operation of smuggling of chewing tobacco through Sohar port, which was hidden in boxes of food stuffan official source in the Directorate General of Customs declared.